Week 7

by danhon

Outside of work was easier this week: an impromptu performance on Twitter, lots of drinks (including my Six to Start leaving drinks), and yesterday, the Conspiracy for Good finale with Dave and Lee, which turned out to be an inordinate amount of fun. A few theories about that bubbling under.

Work is steadily going from stupendously busy to hilariously busy. My Outlook calendar looks like someone vomited on it and the wonderful Hayley has now resorted to PUTTING THINGS IN CAPS. I fear we’re about going to move on to BOLD for super-important things and then Comic Sans for things that are optional.

I have still not learned how to say No to things.

Preparations for leaving the UK and entering the US continue at a pace defined by how much time I have to fill in, by hand, using a pen, actual paperwork.

I still haven’t played Limbo.

I still haven’t seen last week’s Sherlock.

Next week is the W+K Summer Party. I’m quite scared by it, to be honest. Plus I owe them a blog entry.