Extenuating Circumstances

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I was in Portland last week, sat on the sofa in a meeting room, talking over our plans with Jeff and Jan when suddenly Renny ran up to the plate glass, pressed his body against it – not awkwardly, more enthusiastically – and loudly declared that a) we were his favourite people, and furthermore, b) […]

links for 2010-08-02

Event: "Space Invaders" (28 August – 6 November 2010, Netherlands Media Art Institute) – gamescenes "In 'Space Invaders: Art in the Computer Game Environment' the Media Art Institute brings art and games culture together. In an artistic, playful yet serious manner, 'Space Invaders' reveals the influence of games on art and society." – good reason […]

Week 6

A short one, last week having been a long one. Jetlag. Ernesto Neto at the Hayward Gallery. Brunch and coffee with friends on Northcote road. Not getting around to playing Limbo. Thinking about a games curriculum and the games canon. Missing Sherlock. That’s it, really.