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Month: July, 2010

Week 4

Work-wise, three big things are still Nokia, Nike and Secret Agency Project, but around that, last week I was at the Develop conference. First time I’ve been to a proper games conference, too. I put my typing skills to good use and published a collection of notes. I’m still absolutely stunned as to how relatively […]

links for 2010-07-17

Discovery Channel's The Colony Campfire's social media narrative for Discovery. A bigger, better World Without Oil? (tags: campfire thecolony socialmedia narrative storytelling discovery)

links for 2010-07-16

Why Old Spice matters « Snarkmarket Yes. *waves at Robin Sloan*. Would love to talk more about this to Robin. Invoking Internet ego-surf attractor. (tags: robinsloan snarkmarket oldspice theatre performance thenewstorytelling) power to the pixel Presentations 2010's Power to the Pixel Pixel Lab slides/presentations (tags: crossmedia powertothepixel pttp pixellab funding presentations slideshare) Ed Vaizey: Games […]

Laptop Sticker Update

Quite a lot of action on the laptop sticker front. Also, no one’s told me off yet. So that’s good. First off, Kars sent me some Hubbub stickers a while back. They’ve only just arrived. Here they are: Then, Rowan threatened to send me some Twilight stickers. Which he did. Rowan is allowed to send […]

Fable 3: Story, Game and Simulation

Fable 3: Story, Game and Simulation Peter Molyneux (Side note: Fable scripted in Lua) Right, yes. Because of traffic, i Was a bit late and relied upon my sat nav a little bit too mucha nd went a little bit mad for a second but there you go. I’m going to be talking no real […]

links for 2010-07-15

Swan dive! Into interactive TV commercials. | MetaFilter Metafilter, not alone, struggles with the nature of advertising and entertainment (tags: oldspice metafilter mefi w+k discussion advertising entertainment twitter youtube portland)

How to get great drama and performances in video games

How to get great drama and performances in video games Georg Backer – Lionhead Studios Welcome – thanks for taking the time. First a few things about me. Audio producer at Lionhead Studios – look after voiceover and audio production. Complete audio coverage in our games. But also because we’ve got the drama properly sorted […]

User Research: Turning Design Vision into Player Reality

User Research: Turning Design Vision into Player Reality Jerome Hagen, Microsoft Game Studios So thanks for coming – I work at MGS, we have a games user research group there that’s been in existence for the past 12 years, and I’ve been there for as long in various roles and we have around 40 total […]

Creative Game Development – How We Do It At BioWare

Creative Game Development – How We Do It At BioWare Dr. Greg Zeschuk, General Manager, BioWare Austin and Co-Founder, BioWare There were supposed to be two of us, Ray and I present together. I’m not sure wh there’s a picture of Willie Nelson behind him, but he’s playing poker right now at the WSOP and […]

Gamification: How Games Are Everywhere

Gamification * 3 David Helgason, CEO Unity Technologies One of the founders of Unity Technologies. Got asked here in the Spring to talk about Gamification. The problem is that in the programme for this conference, the subject is this : games are leading the charge on mobile, web, TV and invading social network platforms (in […]