Week 4

by danhon

Work-wise, three big things are still Nokia, Nike and Secret Agency Project, but around that, last week I was at the Develop conference. First time I’ve been to a proper games conference, too. I put my typing skills to good use and published a collection of notes.

I’m still absolutely stunned as to how relatively siloed the various entertainment and media industries are, at least, in their older, more traditional incarnations. Everything is smushing together whether anyone likes it or not.

Friday, once I was back in the office, was full of meetings during which awesome things happened. It was also the day my work iPad arrived.

Outside(ish) of work saw Wednesday at the Wonderlab event at the ICA organised by newly crowned Director of Development Margaret Robertson. There’s a brief page here and I’m sure there are videos somewhere but I can’t find them at the moment.

Thursday was Penn & Teller at the Hammersmith Apollo, and Margaret’s also done a great job writing that up, too.

Friday was Inception with a surprise appearance by the Internet’s Dave Green. I’m not that sure about Inception. There were parts that made me snigger because of how hokey and earnest I thought the dialogue and delivery were. But then again, after talking about it more with Lee on Saturday, I’m convinced it wasn’t a completely cheesy B-Movie. It also made me want to watch eXistenZ again.

Saturday was the first Conspiracy for Good event and was spent running (well, walking) around with a phone pointing it at things, watching videos and being shouted at in various capacities.

Sunday was a day of rest.

I’ve updated my Collection of Five Things, too.