Week 3

by danhon

It’s becoming clear that there are three main projects that I’m working on. Suffice to say that I’m not too comfortable in coming up with BERG-style wonderful project names, but I can instead point to the clients I’m working on: Nokia, Nike and an internal secret agency project. For the last, I suppose I have the latitude to come up with some sort of name before it becomes public. It would be fair to say that I’m inordinately excited by all three.

Last week was a hive of activity. Aside from the three projects I’m spending the majority of my time on, there were still inductions going on (creative services, timesheets) and my epic 152-slide talk introducing myself to the agency. I need to find out if I can publish that somewhere.

I’ve submitted a panel to SXSW Interactive with Crystal Beasley (@skinny) on her awesome project, pieLab PDX (@pieLabPDX) which means I’ve also committed to kicking off tieLab LON before March 2011.

Tuesday included lunch with Martin Ericsson from The Company P about their collaboration with Tim Kring, the Conspiracy for Good.

Thursday evening was an invitation to a preview of the 4th Annual Hide & Seek Weekender and an opportunity for Alex at Hide & Seek to announce the appointment of the wonderful Margaret Robertson as their new Development Director. I’m really excited about what Hide & Seek are doing and hope to be working with them on Secret Agency Project.

Friday evening was a screening of Toy Story 3 3D at Bafta of which the less said the better, other than noting that Pixar remain at the top of their game (similarities to Wall-E notwithstanding) and new levels of fandom have been reached. Then dropping by at the Hide & Seek Weekender, and more of the same on Saturday.

I finally got to meet Christy Dena on Saturday night, and ended the evening with the Hide & Seek Party, again of which the less said the absolute and utter best.

What everything feels like at the moment is this: not so much the all life stopping, but every molecule in my body exploding at the speed of light. That’s how ridiculously, excitedly overstimulated my brain feels at the moment. And I love it.