Week 2

by danhon

Last week was more of an easing-in, this week was more of a ramping-up.

Lots of work on Nike this week. Very excited about what we’re doing. Slightly less Excel this week, and much, much more Omnigraffle as I get the game design and experience sorted out in my head, capped off at the end of the week with a good client meeting.

Various inductions are still spotted all over the place: this week with Planning, Operations, Client Services and Finance. It’s all been very easy going – again, the shift from a small company to much, much larger one hasn’t been as traumatic as people might think it could be; everyone’s been super-nice and friendly and realistic about what we can all take in at once.

It’s an interesting time to be joining W+K London. Wednesday was my first all-agency breakfast meeting (introductions from new joiners, opportunities to show-and-tell work), but Thursday afternoon had a Very Very Important Agency Meeting inserted into everyone’s diary. I’m super excited about what it means for the agency – not just London but Worldwide.

Lunch this week: Luxe with Eleanor McDonald, Gourmet Burger Kitchen with Jeremy Ettinghausen. Coffee with Ben Terrett.

Next week: more Nike, the start of some Nokia work, more lunch meetings with interesting people and my inaugural show-and-tell.