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Month: July, 2010

links for 2010-07-31

LA Noire "defeated the uncanny valley" News – Page 1 | Eurogamer.net With a headline like that, what's not to like? (tags: LAnoire uncannyvalley gamedev gamedevelopment teambondi gaming)

Sticker Update

Russell has sent me more stickers. They arrived just before I went off to Portland. Unfortunately, my laptop’s getting quite full. The good news is that the stickers are spreading. Here’s Holly: Actually, it’s more Holly’s laptop though there’s a bit of Holly peeking out at the top. You can see she’s a big fan […]

links for 2010-07-30

Corporate Information – Our Philosophy This is really illuminating. Not in terms of how it explains what Google does well, but instead of how it explains everything that Google gets *wrong*. Like Buzz. (tags: google philosophy culture ethics vision)

links for 2010-07-27

Apple loses big in DRM ruling: jailbreaks are "fair use" I love this ars technica writeup: [every 3 years, the LoC updates/clarifies the DMCA] "This time, the Library went (comparatively) nuts, allowing widespread bypassing of the CSS encryption on DVDs, declaring iPhone jailbreaking to be "fair use," and letting consumers crack their legally-purchased e-books in […]

Week 5

A full week, one that spilled over into the next one more than usual. That’s good when things are slightly messy. Too tidy means not enough interesting collisions are happening. Not enough serendipity. Mostly work this week. I flew out to the mothership in Portland for a big project I’m working on that’s just getting […]

links for 2010-07-26

Cable Regulation: Overview — Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission Consumer information about the cable franchises in the Portland/Mount Hood area (tags: portland move internetaccess openaccess cable regulation government) Old School Color Cycling with HTML5 | EffectGames.com This ticks so many geek boxes. Retro games, check. Software hacks, check. Deluxe Paint! On DOS! For Amiga format […]

links for 2010-07-25

BBC iPlayer – Today: 24/07/2010 Nick Higham: "There are two rival games industries – loud, expensive, absorbing games played by man, the other, makes games simpler, played by everyone." Or, well, women. Sigh. Hello, Traditional Media, You Don't Get It. (tags: bbc today margaretrobertson nickhigham games gaming casual core)

links for 2010-07-24

Gamasutra – News – Analysis: Is The Game Industry A Happy Place? According to Betteridge's law, the answer is an obvious: No. (tags: gamesindustry gamasutra leighalexander)

links for 2010-07-23

UK regulator turns over Internet policing standards to movie and record industries – Boing Boing This kind of shit is enough to make you throw up your hands and leave the country. (tags: ofcom digitaleconomyact dea corydoctorow org digitalrights legislation) Emerging Languages Camp Huh. Had no idea this was going on here. As in: in […]

links for 2010-07-22

Adding a Twitter list – Flipboard It's not me, it's you: if you're trying to add a Twitter list in Flipboard and you're getting a 'you don't have an internet connection' error message, it's because their servers are overloaded. (tags: flipboard twitter error list twitterlist) Lymbix Inc Wow. Via Webb. (tags: tone emotion socialmedia naturallanguageprocessing)