Week 1

by danhon

When I was at Six to Start I made a rather lacklustre attempt at writing week notes and, having made the shift from start up entrepreneur to gainful world of employment, never mind being head-first inducted into the world of advertising, I though it’d be a good time to begin writing again.

So, counting from my the start of my joining Wieden + Kennedy, this is week 1.

It was arranged for me to turn up at 9:30am on Monday, and there was one other person starting with me that day – and as the meeting invites started trickling in over the week for various inductions, it became clear that there’s been quite a few people joining W+K over the last month or so.

I’ve spent the last five years in startups, variously working out of flats and apartments in the beginning to proper offices toward the end of each stint. Each time, there’s never been more than around 20 people in the room at a given time, and we’ve always been stretched (sometimes pleasantly, sometimes difficultly) in terms of resource. But that’s the tradeoff you make when you make the decision to join a startup – you get a disproportionate amount of ability to affect the situation.

One of the big things I’ve noticed over the last week has been simply how much easier it is for me to concentrate on what I’ve got to do. For the most part, this is mainly self-directed at the moment, so I’ve got time to catch up on watching this year’s WWDC sessions and time to put my thinking in some semblance of coherency for a show-and-tell introduction to the rest of the agency. The main bit of work I’m doing right now is with Nic Owen, Abi Freckleton and  Graeme Douglas, which for the most part has so far involved doodling, more PowerPoint than I’m used to, and, toward the end of the week, a bit more Excel and Omnigraffle, all in the name of game design.

I said that it was easier for me to concentrate: mainly because there’s so many other people. To go from working in companies of up to around twenty people to W+K’s London office, where there are around 250-odd people spread across two buildings (And what buildings!) is quite a change, and an abrupt one: there’s a tremendous amount of support and infrastructure here for someone used to the startup experience.

Now that I’m in East London it’s slightly easier for me to meet up with the Silicon Roundabout crew, so Wednesday was a delightful park lunch with @blech and @designswarm.

Personal yak-shaving over the weekend was mostly tidying up a bunch of non-SVNed WordPress installs that were woefully out-of-date (for various values of woeful) that were busy guilt-tripping me. Next time, it’s hosted software all the way (Tumblr, I’m looking at you).