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Month: June, 2010

links for 2010-06-30

Cultivated Play: Farmville | MediaCommons "we must learn to differentiate sociable applications from sociopathic applications: applications that use people’s sociability to control those people, and to satisfy their owners’ needs." Farmville is sociopathic. (tags: sociopathicsoftware socialsoftware farmville play games) Microsoft Not Planning To Release Milo And Kate | Edge Online Milo in "not a real […]

links for 2010-06-29

jwz – Today on the Apocalypse Show: Supersonic Methane Tsunami. Can we just ask Emmerich to quit it with the pre-production research on his next planet-killing movie? (tags: emmerich disasterporn tsunami gulf macondo) U-turn on computer games tax relief may lead to a dead end | Technology | The Guardian Meanwhile, ActivisionBlizzard joins TIGA and […]

Week 1

When I was at Six to Start I made a rather lacklustre attempt at writing week notes and, having made the shift from start up entrepreneur to gainful world of employment, never mind being head-first inducted into the world of advertising, I though it’d be a good time to begin writing again. So, counting from […]

links for 2010-06-27

Boinx Software – BoinxTV – Overview Core-animation framework-using tv production app for Mac OS (tags: boinx boinxtv postproduction recording event live streaming broadcast production video)

links for 2010-06-26

Apple Considering Rebranding Mac OS X Under New 'iOS' Umbrella? – Mac Rumors Old and busted Mac OS System 9 became new hotness Mac OS X (NeXTSTEP) which became Old and busted after derivative iPhone OS became the new hotness, which becomes even newer hotness iOS, after which old and busted Mac OS X becomes […]

links for 2010-06-25

Times UK Will Give iPad Income To Apple, Will Forgo One Month | paidContent:UK Rupert possibly still not getting this whole digital thing (tags: times paywall ipad journalism newspaper rupertmurdoch newsinternational)

links for 2010-06-24

YouTube Blog: YouTube wins case against Viacom This is a big deal. (tags: youtube viacom copyright ip google premierleague)

links for 2010-06-23

iPad sales pass 3m worldwide | Games Industry | MCV It's selling a million units a month. And they're short of stock. Need to check figures, but seems like an insane adoption rate… (tags: ipad adoption curve sales 3m mcv) Latest News at Wieden + Kennedy London – Dan Hon Joins W+K Look, it's me! […]

links for 2010-06-22

niksilver.com » When board leaders fail to grasp technology What Luke Johnson, ex-Chair of Channel 4, thinks about technology (tags: niksilver lukehonson radio4 channel4 technology clevel boardgame) Tom Hume: Apple and Facetime Tom nails it. (tags: apple telco comms mobile iphone facetime ichat sms data bigdumppipe) Televisions become more like game consoles | Media | […]

links for 2010-06-21

open data doesn't empower communities | internet.artizans Data doesn't empower by itself (tags: data open transparency government empowerment engagement)