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Month: May, 2010

links for 2010-05-13

Channel 4's education plans first graphic novel, Photoshop trickery and Polish WW2 heroes | Media | guardian.co.uk Increasingly, the education space is throwing up more and more exciting work, as testified by the awards Channel 4 Education and its cluster of digital production firms are beginning to stack up on the virtual mantelpiece. A combination […]

links for 2010-05-12

Russell Davies – Printing the Internet out and squirting it into things on liftconference – live streaming video powered by Livestream Russell's awesome. (tags: russelldavies lift10 printing internet things physical) Mostly This: DoodleJump I wonder how many people this is going to annoy? (tags: doodlejump gaming mobile licensing platform fragmentation)

links for 2010-05-11

Accepting nominations for Ars Design Awards 2010—Mac OS X I predict that Gruber will think this is a good idea. (tags: arstechnica arsdesignawards awards macosx)

links for 2010-05-10

The Tell-All Generation Learns When Not To, at Least Online – NYTimes.com The kids are all right (tags: privacy sharing data socialsoftware socialnetworking socialmedia nytimes)

links for 2010-05-08

Iron Man 2 | perceptionnyc.com Iron Man 2 Movie OS motion graphics and showreel (tags: perception perceptionnyc motiongraphics ironman ironman2 movieos)

links for 2010-05-06

BBC News – BBC to beam general election results on to Big Ben "The results of the general election are to be projected on to St Stephen's Tower, which houses Big Ben, for the first time, by the BBC." Augmenting your reality, bitch. (tags: bbc election bigben results projection) Living | Local boy with cancer […]

links for 2010-05-05

Nokia Ovi Maps let you do navigation instructions with your Own Voice — Engadget Nokia Ovi lets you pretend you're giving yourself satnav instructions (tags: nokia ovi maps satnav voice ownvoice) brew tea bar – buy loose tea, green tea, white tea, tea lattes, organic tea, black tea My friend JB's tea bars in Liverpool […]

links for 2010-05-04

Magical Nihilism – Get Excited and Make Things Original files, PDF, eps, CS3 ai (tags: getexcitedandmakethings original artwork decorating) 20×200 : Print Information : Get Excited And Make Things (tags: decorating poster getexcitedandmakethings mattjones) John Dilnot: artists` books, prints, boxes, cards (tags: decorating prints screen bird brighton appendage posters) Note & Point Keynote presentation guilt […]

links for 2010-05-03

BumpTop acquired by Google, no longer available — Engadget Now *that's* interesting (tags: movieos google bumptop)

links for 2010-05-01

Roger Ebert: Why I Hate 3-D Movies – Newsweek.com Wow. Ebert really doesn't like new things. Or he's a really good columnist. Of course Fargo didn't 'need' 3-D. But there are movies we can make with digital cameras that were so much harder to make when we didn't have them – 28 Days Later, this […]