links for 2010-05-01

by danhon

  • Wow. Ebert really doesn't like new things. Or he's a really good columnist. Of course Fargo didn't 'need' 3-D. But there are movies we can make with digital cameras that were so much harder to make when we didn't have them – 28 Days Later, this season's finale of House. These are all enabled by technology. 3-D cinema is just one such technology. And yes – it's not there yet; I agree with him on the 'it's too dim' point. But seriously, what with this and video games – I'm ignoring anything Ebert has to say other than his opinion as to whether a movie is any good.
  • "According to the filing, the technology could potentially be used to eliminate existing buttons in favor of a smooth, solid slab, and / or integrate new ones into surfaces that weren't previously considered for use." – or in other words, the console-based LCARS interface from ST:TNG