Some predictions about the iPhone OS platform

by danhon

Some short predictions about Apple and iPhone OS platform devices.

  • WWDC will see an updated iPhone 3GS (running on the same A4 SoC as the iPad)
  • WWDC will see the existing iPhone 3GS processor platform move down to the iPhone 3G
  • Apple will maintain two versions of the iPhone, and two only. Until the switch to LTE, they will remain the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, because we shouldn’t care what’s inside them, only that the 3GS (2009 model) is faster than the 3G (2009) model but slower than the 3GS (2010 model). Witness the naming conventions of MacBooks and MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPods and every other Apple product line.
  • January/February 2011 will see an iPad S model which will gain a camera (front/back) and a new SoC that might be multicore but will definitely have 512MB of on-package RAM. The existing (2010) iPad model will get even cheaper.
  • July 2011 will see the iPhone 3G upgraded to the A4 SoC and the iPhone 3GS will take on the same SoC (A5?) as the iPad S. Consumers won’t be told how fast, or how much RAM, is on the package.
  • I expect that Apple’s probably quite annoyed that they even had to sully iPhone’s name by having to add “3G” to it, and that they’re even more distressed about the “S” added on to the Go Faster Stripes version. Maybe they’ll drop back to iPhone and iPhone S.
  • Something to remember: Apple products are like cars. Specifically, BMW and Mercedes ones. Yes, I know about the quality and the product differentiation. But also the model numbers. The model numbers don’t ever, ever change, but what’s inside the products do.

I’m slightly less confident about this, but:

  • January/February 2011 (concurrent with the iPad S model) will see the relaunch of Apple TV, using the A4 or A5 platform and a derivative of iPhone OS. It will cost the same as the existing Apple TV.