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Month: November, 2009

links for 2009-11-30

Gamasutra – News – Analysis: Interactive Storytelling And HBO's Mysterious Cube "No, my real point is this: interactive storytelling — even when it's not meant to be a game — still needs a game designer. It needs someone who will think about what the reader/player is supposed to do, and what that action means, and […]

links for 2009-11-27

welcome to optimism: Ovi by Nokia sponsors Misfits on E4 "Together with E4’s digital agency, Six to Start, we're working to connect fans of the show to its characters through a number of content led initiatives – the cast are uploading live stories to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and we're creating a Misfits […]

links for 2009-11-26

C21Media: Virgin Media/Tivo "US time-shifted TV pioneer TiVo is re-establishing a foothold in the UK market after linking up with Virgin Media to co-develop the cable operator's next-generation TV platform." Oooh (tags: tivo virginmedia stb)

links for 2009-11-25

BBC: We won't charge for online news | Media | guardian.co.uk "However, Lyons also questioned the future of content created for online that is not directly related to specific BBC programmes, asking, "where should the boundary be drawn" between this and "the online expression or extension of BBC programming"?" – it's very easy to interpret […]

links for 2009-11-23

Preoccupations – Nipping Workplace Gossip in the Bud – NYTimes.com Wow. Really interesting. (tags: nytimes culture company hr gossip) ohai – Handcrafted Massively Multiplayer Online Games for Everyone New SMMORPG? MMOSRPG? studio (tags: ohai mmorpg socialgaming games) House M.D., Developer Diary | Gamezebo "So fresh off production of The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes and […]

links for 2009-11-04

Campaign Strategy Coraline case study (tags: coraline w+k movie marketing casestudy) The Amanda Project Fourth Story/HappyCog (tags: book publishing scholastic fourthstory teen ya amandaproject) AVTR: Future Artifacts from the World of Pandora (tags: avatar worldbuilding story marketing twitter facebook socialmedia) Coraline W+K entry/case study for Coraline campaign (tags: coraline w+k marketing movie campaign casestudy worldbuilding […]

links for 2009-11-01

Why network neutrality is a big deal – Packet Life This would be a nightmare (tags: networkneutrality)