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Month: August, 2009

links for 2009-08-30

Smokescreen Game on Vimeo Here's the trailer for our new game called Smokescreen, which is about online identity, privacy and security. The game can be played for free online at smokescreengame.com (tags: smokescreen c4 education game storytelling privacy identity security) Heavy Rain Hands On – Page 1 // PS3 /// Eurogamer – Games Reviews, News […]

links for 2009-08-20

Avoid unnecessarily resetting the SMC or PMU for troubleshooting purposes "Don't zap the PRAM, man" (tags: apple osx mac pram zap urbanmyth)

links for 2009-08-19

shots – News – evolving alternate reality "Shots chats to Six To Start co-founder Adrian Hon about their latest projects for Channel 4 and Muse" (tags: sixtostart arg games press smokescreen usoe muse channel4 c4)

links for 2009-08-16

The Spiders: an online comic AWESOME. THE SPIDERS IS BACK. (tags: spiders electricsheep comics)

links for 2009-08-14

Smokescreen Beta and Press Our next big game, Smokescreen, is launching next month, but you can check out the beta right now by visiting the site and getting an invitation. (tags: sixtostart smokescreen game channel4 education blog)

links for 2009-08-13

The Escapist : Forums : The News Room : Smokescreen: Where Paranoia Meets Entertainment "Smokescreen, which launches September 3rd, tells the story of a group of friends who hang out on White Smoke, a social networking site. The game begins when you join them, and quickly has you sifting through various sorts of online information […]

links for 2009-08-11

FeverBee: A Systematic Destruction Of The 90-9-1 Rule Less of a systematic destruction, more of a refinement I feel (tags: 90-9-1 rule guideline pirate arrr)

links for 2009-08-07

The Escapist : News : Making Games More Than an Afterthought "I've played the first chapter [of Smokescreen], and although it was brief, it was more than enough to have me impatient for the next installment. It's an intriguing and inventive way to tell a story of paranoia and secrecy, placing you in the role […]

(Un)desirable Futures

Where would you like to live? Brighton? St. John’s Wood? Greenwich? Hackney? Or, if you’re of a more fantastical or surreal bent, the Moon? Or maybe The Tardis? Five Futures I’d Be Happy Relocating To THE FUTURE AS ENVISAGED BY THE 1979 TITLE “THE USBORNE BOOK OF THE FUTURE“ THE FUTURE AS ENVISAGED BY 1960S […]