You’re doing it wrong

by danhon

We’re big fans of our medical dramas here in the danhon household. Private Practice is one of them. And season two is about to start airing on Living. But when?

  • First out of the gate is a Never Miss reminder email from, which would be a fantastic service – if it was right. Here’s a screenshot of an email that was sent on 20th June saying the first episode of season 2 will be out on 25th June.
  • Let’s assume that we’ve forgotten, though, since reading the email, when the show airs. Let’s check Living TV’s website – they reckon (as of today, and here’s a screenshot) that season 2 will be out on 15 July.
  • Then, last night, Private Practice season 2 debuted on Living! Now, I can’t show you Sky’s TV listings for last night (because you can only view listings in the present and future) – but here’s a screenshot next week’s, showing episode two airing.

Let’s clear this up.

  • On 20 June, Sky sends an email saying the premiere will be 25 June.
  • On July 3 (and at all times prior to that), Living TV’s website says the premiere will be 15 July.
  • The actual premiere was July 2.

So, in this multiplatform world, how am I supposed to know when to watch television if no one’s able to tell me when it’s on?