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Month: July, 2009

links for 2009-07-31

Stark Industries SF movie = ARG campaign (tags: starkindustries ironman arg)

links for 2009-07-29

Booyah Society 4.5m USD in funding from Kleiner Perkins Caulfied Byers iFund! (tags: gaming iphone sns achievements gamemechanic social funding)

links for 2009-07-11

BBC – Open Air "BBC Open Air is a research and development project looking at new ways of giving you local information. It uses software called Gears to find out where you are or if you don’t have this you can enter your location manually." (tags: monterosa bbc openair location geolocation weather)

links for 2009-07-07

Boston to debut ‘killer app’ for municipal complaints – The Boston Globe see: Fix My Street's iphone app (tags: iphone platform boston fixmystreet)

links for 2009-07-06

Kotaku – DS Plugin to Help Diabetic Kids Keep Consistent Readings – Diabetes *Awesome* (tags: diabetes kids nintendods lifemonitoring personalstats)

You’re doing it wrong

We’re big fans of our medical dramas here in the danhon household. Private Practice is one of them. And season two is about to start airing on Living. But when? First out of the gate is a Never Miss reminder email from Sky.com, which would be a fantastic service – if it was right. Here’s […]

links for 2009-07-01

russell davies: data / maps / narrative / adventure See also: hypnotic moving line in week 1 of We Tell Stories (tags: maps visualisation storytelling narrative route) Edge: BRAIN TIME By David M. Eagleman So, you know optical illusions, right? The things that show you that what you see isn't the real world? Well, how […]