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Month: June, 2009

links for 2009-06-30

Gamasutra – News – NPD: Female Gamer Population Increasing On Consoles "The percentage of console gamers who are female grew from 23 to 28 percent in 2009, according to the NPD's new market segment study. The rise is mainly attributable to the Wii, which itself saw a 19 percent increase in usage over last year." […]

links for 2009-06-29

The Championships, Wimbledon 2009 – Families at Wimbledon yum. food for saturday. (tags: wimbledon food) The Mother Load: Homemade Wendy's Frosty – The MomAdvice.com Blog hot hot hot (tags: milkshake recipes) The Mother Load: World's Greatest Homemade Slushies – The MomAdvice.com Blog NEED (tags: musthave recipes slushie)

links for 2009-06-26

Demo of Digital Compass Used in an iPhone App – Mac Rumors Oh my god it's a magic window. (tags: rollercoaster demo iphone app digitalcompass) Andrew Bethell, Teachers TV | Comment | Broadcast Shock horror: telly person says "Currently, the vast majority of online services are provided through relatively traditional web-based and text-driven applications. But […]

links for 2009-06-23

Flickr: BBC Picture Editors Donate your CC images to the BBC and Picture Editors might use them. Quite awesome! (tags: bbc pictureeditors flickr pool cc via:rooreynolds) Notes from C21 Social Media Forum – Roo Reynolds Roo Reynolds – GOES TO CONFERENCES SO YOU DON' THAVE TO (tags: c21 socialmedia conference forum rooreynolds)

links for 2009-06-17

Emmy Watch: Producer "They sat back and said, 'How do I do this myself?' " says Anthony Zuiker, creator of the "CSI" franchise. " 'How can we take the risk ourselves and think about telling stories in other platforms?' That's been the major shift in content creators. TV shows aren't going to be able to […]

links for 2009-06-16

Analog and Digital TV (DVB-T) Signal Generation This is freaking awesome. Reverse Tempest. (tags: research hack linux dvb pal secam bandw broadcasting vga awesome) Bank insider steals 200 billion | MetaFilter Halting State, right on schedule (tags: eveonline eve bankrobbery banking heist haltingstate charliestross)

links for 2009-06-12

Nintendo announces DS Classroom News // DS /// Eurogamer – Games Reviews, News and More Oh. They've won. (tags: nintendods classroom education learning tool nintendo ds) Exclusive: The Future of Facebook Usernames – Anil Dash There's not a way to bookmark this without looking bandwagon-y, but hell – this is awesome. (tags: facebook usernames fbdebacle […]

links for 2009-06-11

FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » Avast, ye salty Stanford lawfirm website Stanford Allen is the world's most expensive ARG. And also the most fail-filled. Possibly. (tags: stanfordallen arg lawfirm ft alphaville blog)

links for 2009-06-06

GDN: NLGD Festival of Games Keynote Speakers Announced Adrian's keynoting with Elan at NLGD: "Elan Lee, Sicco Beerda, Joost van Liemt and the previously announced Adrian Hon will give keynote speeches during the NLGD Festival of Games regarding the phenomenon of Alternate Reality Games." (tags: arg elanlee adrianhon siccobeerda joostvanliemt nlgd conference keynote) "It's SunTalk […]

links for 2009-06-05

Gamasutra – News – E3 Analysis: Dante's Inferno Doesn't Need To Be Literature … but it could've been a BioShock. But it's not, is it. That's a bit like saying an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet doesn't have to be literature either. Well, fuck that shit. Games can do better than that, and I'm hella […]