Otherwise my head will explode…

by danhon

… like in Scanners.

This is really, really quick, because these are ideas that have been variously bubbling away in my head both pre-and-post-SXSW.

The Fictional Field – what you get when the internet is finally everywhere (because it will be: there is no mobile web. There is just the web) and you can dip in to and out of any persistent fiction whenever you want.

Connected Media – no, not hyperlinks. What you you start building when upstream connectivity is the same as downstream connectivity. Not broadcast. Many to many. The big revolution isn’t in the resolution of spectrum scarcity – we’re just in danger of only having “some” broadcasters to having “lots of big media broadcasters”. The big revolution is when we realise that everyone can be a content producer (but, like in Ratatouille, not everyone is a good one) and that symmetrical bandwidth is the holy grail. This is peer to peer, this is many to many, this isn’t broadcast.