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Month: April, 2009

BAFTA Presents: Digital Distribution In association with the GamesIndustry.biz Network

WEvent description: Key games industry figures discuss how they’re making money from web-based advergames, PC and console download services, and the iTunes application store – revolutionising the old model where publishers paid developers to make games, and customers paid publishers to buy them in the shops. But can these new revenue streams generate the large […]

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Digital switchover may not happen in our lifetime, warns BBC radio head | Media | guardian.co.uk Packet based routing killed the radio star (tags: radio digital broadcasting analogue switchover)

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6 Authors 6 Stories 6 Weeks "Go take a gander at some of the great stuff at We Tell Stories, and let us know what your favorite story was in the comments! Mine was definitely "21 Steps" and I've gone as far as to order a few followup books, including the original book." (tags: wetellstories […]

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Boris Johnson condemns media response to G20 policing | Politics | guardian.co.uk Not that I'm equating this to Abu Ghraib, but the "a few bad apples" argument isn't a particularly good one (tags: borisjohnson policing media)

Some quick thoughts on Canvas

Project Canvas – Google search, amusingly, predictably and depressingly, the top result is someone’s blog entry rather than anything official, and another search yields a 404, at which point you’re wondering: why bother, really, but I digress – anyway, Project Canvas (actual BBC Trust supporting documentation with Googlejuice as good as a wet sock, it’s […]

Digital Britain “Position Paper”

Digital Britain Position Paper Dan Hon danhon@gmail.com A ¬†heartfelt position on the Digital Britain interim report in the style of a blog post.¬†Bluntly: this is quite raw. Stating what I hope to be the obvious: this is the opening of a conversation. Stating what should be obvious: keep comments civil. You have a right to […]

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Study finds pirates 10 times more likely to buy music | Music | guardian.co.uk Seriously? Those people hijacking ships off the coast of Somalia are buying music, too? (tags: filesharing bootlegging notpiracy music)

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Brand New: Open Source with a Heart Symbian – fixed it for you. Not. (tags: symbian branding)


See this thing I wrote? It talks about things like: not having to explicitly save integrating CVS (well, it was 2003) with document editing systems so you can scrub timelines for revisions Well. Finally: iPhone apps (the good ones, at least) are persistent and you don’t have to “save” Cory’s busy writing into SVN git […]

Otherwise my head will explode…

… like in Scanners. This is really, really quick, because these are ideas that have been variously bubbling away in my head both pre-and-post-SXSW. The Fictional Field – what you get when the internet is finally everywhere (because it will be: there is no mobile web. There is just the web) and you can dip […]