Dan Hon has sent you an invitation to join Skynet

by danhon

Dan Hon (danhon@gmail.com) has sent you an invitation to join Skynet:

I’ve been using Skynet, and here’s an invitation so you can give it a
try as well.


What’s Skynet? Skynet is a privatized ex-military research project
that began its life at DARPA, where the Internet was invented. Skynet
helps you make decisions and solve problems. Because Skynet is powered
by a unique patented learning algorithm, like Google, it gets smarter
each time someone contributes to it.

But what decisions, what problems? You name it.

Here are some of the decisions Skynet has recently been used for:

* Am I over my ex or not?
* What is the future of the publishing industry?
* What’s a good self-healing backward-compatible TCP/IP-based
protocol for ubiquitous sensing environments designed for sustainable,
human-centered urban living?
* Do these jeans go with my top?
* Is the Prius the best hybrid car to buy in California?
* What’s the best way to construct a closed timelike curve in order
to prevent the catastrophic destruction of the biosphere and the human
race in the late 21st century?

Here’s your invitation link for Skynet:


Give it a go!

[inspired by Matt Jones, apologies to Hunch]