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Month: February, 2009

links for 2009-02-11

Gardeners' Question Time repotted to new production company | Somethin' Else gets Gardeners' Question Time – gratz to Paul and the gang (tags: somethinelse bbc radio4 commission contract gardenersquestiontime) LinkedIn: Alternate Reality Games: Discussion Why do I blog this: Brian Clark on measuring participant engagement in ARG marketing campaigns (tags: arg marketing engagement metrics measurement […]

This year’s Bafta Videogames Noms

Only pulling out the story/character ones, but: STORY AND CHARACTER Assassin’s Creed Jade Raymond, Patrice Desilets, Claude Langlais Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft Entertainment Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Development Team Infinity Ward/Activision Fable II Development Team Lionhead Studios/Microsoft Game Studios Fallout 3 Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarulo Bethesda Game Studio/Bethesda Softworks Europe Grand Theft Auto IV Development […]

links for 2009-02-10

Tune your TV into a GPS – Ars Technica Why do I blog this: (via Tom Taylor) using the timing signals in DTV over the air broadcasts for triangulation is GENIUS. (tags: gps positioning location dtv mpeg2 agps rosum broadcast television) How to encourage frugality: make it a contest | Blog | Futurismic Why do […]

links for 2009-02-09

smarthistory Why do I blog this: this is the kind of thing that used to be on a CD-ROM in the 90s and is now continually updated online (tags: art teaching research museum reference arthistory history) Facebook's "next steps in openness" raises questions – Ars Technica Why do I blog this: big social network doing […]

links for 2009-02-08

Gamasutra – We See Farther – A History of Electronic Arts (tags: ea electronicarts history)

links for 2009-02-07

Fake David Tennant: Don't Give David Tennant Your Credit Card Number, No Matter How Nicely He Asks Why do I blog this: an awesome social engineering hack designed to get credit card numbers from tween/young teen Doctor Who fans (tags: socialengineering doctorwho privacy risk davidtennant) Apache Qpid – Index Why do I blog this: YA […]

links for 2009-02-06

We are becoming a new species, we are becoming Homo Evolutis – Ars Technica Why do I blog this: Well, it's not a particularly new idea, is it? But nice to see it being covered again (tags: homoevolutis evolution destiny human science ted biology engineering genetics arstechnica) On-Demand Web Stress Test Why do I bookmark […]

On Twitter

Here’s something Cait wrote that I really like. It’s about Twitter, and it’s called Not like it was in the old days. Go and read it, then come back here. This being my blog, I’m going to just splurge a few things. Twitter – as it was created – was for keeping in touch with […]

links for 2009-02-03

Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering (tags: comics lettering design convention) DIY DNA research | MetaFilter "Hugh Reinhoff has sequenced his daughters DNA at home attempting to diagnose her unique genetic mutation. Although most parents don't have his background, he also started a website to bring together the parents of children with undiagnosed disorders, and doctors […]