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Month: February, 2009

links for 2009-02-27

I need the Cliff's Notes version of Halo 1 and 2. | Ask Metafilter Cliff's notes for games! (tags: cliffsnotes halo gaming storytelling story masterchief via:mefi) Apple Prepping OS X 10.5.7 Update – Mac Rumors Why do I blog this: "Also of note, Apple has addressed an issue with Safari not accepting certain types of […]

links for 2009-02-26

Opening the package and peeking under the hood of Safari 4 – Ars Technica Preview images for Top Sites are created in /var/, which is outside of the encrypted domain of a Filevault home folder. Quite why they're in /var/ and not ~/Library is beyond me. (tags: filevault security privacy safari4) ITV proposes merger with […]

links for 2009-02-25

Children: Social Networking Sites…: 12 Feb 2009: House of Lords debates (TheyWorkForYou.com) SIGH (tags: baronessgreenfield sns socialnetworking socialsoftware government houseoflords lords policy greenfield susangreenfield)

Delivering Digital Britain

Lord Carter Keynote Speech at NESTA, Tuesday 24 February 2009 Speakers: Lord Carter, Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting Neil Berkett, CEO, Virgin Media Peter Bazalgette, Media Expert Jonathan Kestenbaum, CEO, Nesta. Jonathan Kestenbaum: welcome on behalf of the NESTA team. Stephen’s first set of public comments since the publication of the interim report. I […]

links for 2009-02-21

YouTube – Coke Babies The Purchase Brothers – Coke Babies advert (tags: purchasebrothers cokebabies)

links for 2009-02-20

Nike Founder Phil Knight Has Agency Wieden Market Laika Film – Advertising Age – Madison+Vine: People & Players "there's a saying in Hollywood: People don't watch channels or studios; they watch shows and movies." (tags: philknight coraline laika nike adage focus hollywood entertaiment media)

links for 2009-02-18

BBC NEWS | UK | 'Sex' ad gives rise to complaints "However, the nature of the advert shown on large billboards around London, led to over 500 complaints from people who felt the ads were crass and offensive." – That was me that was (tags: ami asa sex crass spam popup)

links for 2009-02-17

First Choice Media – Services Why I blog this: These guys did the "WANT LONGER LASTING SEX?" adverts that were pop-up spam all over London (tags: advertising asa) Palm.com : Palm Developer Network – Palm webOS from O'Reilly Media (P. 5) Foreground, background and headless applications on Mojo/webOS (tags: palm oreilly mojo webos multitasking taskmanagement […]

links for 2009-02-14

The Authors Guild – E-Book Rights Alert: Amazon's Kindle 2 Adds "Text to Speech" Function "Reading to your kids note: A Wall Street Journal article quoted a portion of an interview with Authors Guild executive director Paul Aiken regarding the Kindle 2. The remarks have been interpreted by some as suggesting that the Guild believes […]

links for 2009-02-12

Twittering Alone | Weblog | tobyyoung.co.uk "Twitter is a malfunctioning two-way radio. I can broadcast to my followers, and I can listen to the broadcasts of the people I’m following, but I can’t actually talk to anyone. Or, rather, I can, but only if they happen to fall into the subset of the people I’m […]