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Month: January, 2009

links for 2009-01-08

East Croydon commuters delayed by sat nav error (From This Is Local London) Fail: "It is claimed that because some stations have shorter platforms than others, train drivers are unable to open the right doors at every station on the route without the aid of satellite navigation." (tags: southerntrains eastcroydon gps overengineered fail) Property Search […]

links for 2009-01-07

YouTube – Tumbarumba.org demo I changed my mind. Too hard to see the text. (tags: tumbarumba storytelling text ui) Tumbarumba pretty awesome (tags: storytelling accidental stumbling stumbleupon tumbarumba)

links for 2009-01-05

Sue Blackmore: Atheists should be allowed on BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day | Quite right, too. And phooey on the Daily Mail if they throw a fuss. (tags: sueblackmore guardian oped cif thoughtfortheday atheism)

links for 2009-01-04

The Platform4 blog c4.com rearchitected (tags: c4 channel4 platform broadcast media) NBC Universal Careers > Entry Level/Leadership Programs > Page Program OMG, Michael Eisner was an NBC Page: "In an industry where change is the only constant, it is refreshing to know there are a few things that have remained the same. Starting in 1933 […]

links for 2009-01-02

Robert Irving Burns – SOD – Search Menu (tags: commercialproperty london office) Office Space to rent in London: east, south, central – KALMARS Estate Agents (tags: commercialproperty london office) Commercial Property Search Knight Frank Commercial (tags: knightfrank commercialproperty london office)

links for 2009-01-01

Currell Commercial Estate Agents in London (tags: commercialproperty london office lease) Private firm may track all email and calls | This has got to be perhaps one of the stupidest ideas ever. (tags: guardian surveillance trafficdata telecoms bigbrother government uk)