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Month: January, 2009

links for 2009-01-21

:: Perceptive Pixel :: Jeff Han's company is doing the tech for today's CNN stuff (tags: perceptive pixel touch multitouch jeffhan cnn)

links for 2009-01-20

Outerlight Developers of The Ship – didn't know they were based in Scotland! (tags: outerlight developers games gaming gamedesign studio scotland edinburgh) Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 Review: 33. Conclusion: Digital Photography Review Not yet, then (tags: panasonic dslr 43rds lumix dmcg1 dpreview review camera) Microsoft's SkyBox sync service set for a February unveiling, new Windows Mobile […]

links for 2009-01-19

kottke.org – home of fine hypertext products It's not yellow anymore (tags: kottke)

links for 2009-01-18

Better Bankside – Home (tags: bankside se1 southwark community business forum local place) BANKSIDE 1/2/3 Bankside southwark development (tags: bankside southwark sumner tatemodern london development commercialproperty) Legends of Zork – The legendary adventure returns, to your browser. (tags: zork interactivefiction story textadventure game gaming videogames browser casual freemium) Gamasutra – Interview: Jolt's Collins On Bringing […]

links for 2009-01-17

Google Code Blog: Changes for Jaiku and Farewell to Dodgeball and Mashup Editor Jaiku looks quite interesting… (tags: jaiku appengine oauth)

links for 2009-01-16

Olly Moss (tags: design illustration graphicdesign tshirt portfolio art posters)

links for 2009-01-14

Deus Ex Machinatio: WTF is an ARG? 2009 Edition Yay, Andrhia rocks :) (tags: andrhia andreaphillips semantics arg) Kings: America, Meet Your King Win (tags: kings america tv television tvshow) welcome Fail. (this is ESTA, by the way, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which all green visa people need to do at least 72 […]

links for 2009-01-13

Ford Turns to Design and Data Visualization to Boost Sales | FlowingData I predict an after-market in visualisations that look more awesome the more aggressively you drive. (tags: visualisation lcd dashboard car ford driving design) Games Without Frontiers: Bad Story, Great Game — How Mediocrity Gooses 'Gears of War 2' "Plenty of shooters have offered […]

links for 2009-01-12

The pre's got Mojo: a developer speaks about Palm's new SDK "The platform will allow developers to access most of the phone's capabilities, including calendaring, contacts, music and video playback. It would appear that Palm is very open to allowing developers nearly full access to the device's capabilities." – this is really interesting. It looks […]

links for 2009-01-10

ASA investigation of AMI billboards We won! "The Advertising Standards Authority has requested that an advertiser, Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) withdraw their billboard ads for a prescription-only medicine pending the outcome of a formal investigation." (tags: asa ami advertising code breach)