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Month: November, 2008

links for 2008-11-28

Where the battlegrounds meet moral grounds. | MetaFilter Some absolutely fantastic discussion here on the whole Death Knight Torture quest in Lich King (tags: wow lichking gaming gamedesign ethics morality mefi)   Tracking a Rumor: Indian Government, Twitter, and Common Sense — contentious.com US high school junior manipulates Mumbai coverage? (tags: twitter anatomy rumour mumbai) Guardian Games […]

New Bond

So I just saw Quantum of Solace, and I have to admit, the one thing that’s been bugging me is this: in the scant (few?) hour(s) that have elapsed since Casino Royale, MI6 has implemented a significant and wide-ranging software infrastructure upgrade. All of the terminals now sport a new UI (and perhaps a new […]

links for 2008-11-22

Defensive design: Magnetic zones on the unibody MacBook – (37signals) More proof that Apple products are Intelligently Designed. (tags: apple macbook unibody magnetic) BlackBerry Storm review – Engadget It's the Software, Stupid. Oh, and: is it just me who thinks that the icon design on the Storm is disgusting? (tags: blackberry storm engadget review video […]

links for 2008-11-21

2009 Velocity Conference submissions are open! (tags: velocity oreilly ops conference 2009) Dice: PC Mirror's Edge Uses PhysX To Awesome Effect Anyone know if the nVidia dedicated GPU in the new MacBook Pro is PhysX capable? (tags: physx aegia nvidia mirrorsedge video kotaku gaming gamedesign physics) Gamasutra – The Future Of iPhone Games: Apple, EA, […]

links for 2008-11-20

Katamari Rolls Onto Mobile Phones | Game | Life from Wired.com Ugh, no. iPhone version, please. (tags: katamari mobile namco gaming gamedesign via:wired)

links for 2008-11-19

New & Used Quality Office Furniture, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Storage – www.allardoffice.co.uk (tags: discount office furniture chairs desks humanscale aeron) Lynxmotion – Phoenix Hexapod Comprehensive Kit #RK-HEX-PHOENIX Only USD 1k! (tags: awesome robot insect phoenix hexapod) YouTube – ??????????????????? OMG CAT ON CATBED ON ROOMBA (tags: cat roomba youtube video via:jwz) YouTube – Roomba […]

links for 2008-11-18

Sound Butter: Visualizing Sound (With a Sewing Machine) | PSFK – Trends, Ideas & Inspiration "One such project is the “visible sound sewing machine”. It’s a prototype of a device that would make sound visible and physical by sewing waveforms onto fabric." – OMG. All kinds of awesome. (tags: psfk visiblesoundsewingmachine sound vision soundbutter sewingmachine) […]

links for 2008-11-17

Safe from the Losing Fight » How to Price Your iPhone App out of Existence iPhone app pricing – $9.99 and higher (tags: iphone apple software development pricing appstore) Fiery Robot! ex-iPhone developer on Tweetsville etc (tags: iphone development) Presidential Records Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia So my reading is that Presidents are encouraged […]

links for 2008-11-14

Democracy Scorned | Mssv No, we are not designing a massive democracy ARG. Although… (tags: adrian democracy politics elections)

links for 2008-11-11

ft.com new-look homepage I dunno, it looks a bit bland (tags: ft financialtimes ft.com redesign homepage) BSkyB to launch online TV service | Well that's refreshingly un-braindead "The online channels will be made available on the Sky Player. Consumers will not have to be Sky TV or Sky Broadband customers to sign up." (tags: skyplayer […]