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Month: April, 2008

links for 2008-04-19

What is GameCamp? | Technology | guardian.co.uk GameCamp is a one-day event for people interested in games, and for interesting people in gaming. That covers everything from computer and video gaming, ARGs, tabletop games, pervasive games, RPGs and more. (tags: gamecamp london guardian sixtostart gaming gamedesign) Betalogue » Blog Archive » Mac OS X 10.5 […]

links for 2008-04-18

Avant Game: VIDEOS: The ancient Greeks banned it, but we’re playing it anyway! Woo, The Lost Ring’s going well! (tags: thelostring olympics arg) Neotronic Arts: Human Resources Portal j-Pod, I think (tags: xpod jpod storytelling) EQAL » The Show is Everywhere (tags: lg15 lonelygirl15 production interactive online narrative) BAFTA game awards pushed to 2009 News […]

Draft-but-published: BAFTA! Tough Love

This is an unfinished draft post (if The Triforce can do it, then I can too) in response to the news that BAFTA are tweaking their videogames awards. Because this is an unfinished draft, it’s slightly more poorly researched than normal and lacking in links. Many paragraphs probably just trail off or contain placeholders. The […]

links for 2008-04-17

Browser RPG Roundup Review // MMO /// Eurogamer Eurogamer’s roundup includes usual suspects Forumwarz and Kingdom of Loathing but also two new ones I hadn’t heard of. (tags: eurogamer browser rpg mmo) Secret Society Wars Eurogamer says 4/10. (tags: browser secretsocietywars mmo rpg) Twilight Heroes – Justice Served Nightly These all seem to look the […]

links for 2008-04-16

Calibrated Software Final Cut Express HD 4 doesn’t do DVCPRO HD. This codec does. Cheap, too. (tags: dvcprohd codec intel macosx dv quicktime mov editing) Tesco takes on iTunes with new download development | Business | guardian.co.uk Looks like Apple’s being frozen out of the DRM-free market (tags: drmfree tesco music downloads) We Tell Stories […]

links for 2008-04-15

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » New ways to tell stories (tags: wetellstories penguin sixtostart jeffjarvis buzzmachine) Contagious News Article – MySpace Commissions Online Series “[I Love Chieftown] will also be fully interactive. Viewers will be able to decide what happens in each episode, contact characters and even enter competitions to become an extra in the […]

links for 2008-04-14

The business of parenting (kottke.org) (tags: parenting toys childdevelopment via:kottke.org) Armando Iannucci: Boris’s barnet for bad boys | Comment is free | The Observer (tags: charlottegreen armandoiannucci humour cif theobserver) Gamasutra – Analysis: Microsoft On The Secrets Of Marketing Halo 3 Nothing about Adjutant Reflex (tags: halo3 marketing mi6 gamasutra) Gamasutra – MI6: The Five […]

links for 2008-04-12

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books: Writing as spectator sport “Still, I am beginning to think that Penguin and alternate-reality gamers SixtoStart are on to something.” (tags: sixtostart arg penguin wetellstories yourplaceandmine niccifrench)

links for 2008-04-02

World of Warcraft Europe: The Molten Core See, this is funny. Watch the trailer. It’s awesomes. (tags: trailer gamedesign gaming wow moltencore funny humour) BBC3 finds itself Dis/Connected “BBC3’s latest one-off drama Dis/Connected failed to get the viewing public signed up as it only appealed to 71,000 (0.4%) at 9pm.” Give me a budget for […]

links for 2008-04-01

37signals Product Blog: [Basecamp] New Feature Preview: Replying to messages via email Finally! (tags: basecamp reply message email 37signals) Shine Group :: Home (tags: shine tv tvproduction indie superindie uk murdoch entertainment) Microsoft, Safran Digital Group Ink Xbox Deal Original video content to be distributed through XBox Live. Depressingly, the site reports XBox Live as […]