Extenuating Circumstances

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WordPress 2.5 annoyances

Suddenly treating categories as actual categories, and treating tags as actual tags when I’ve been using categories as tags all this while, thus forcing me to have to contemplate redoing my templates. NOT COOL.

Music to calm minds by

I put out a general distress call on Twitter the other day: “Recommendations for music that will calm the mind?” In the interests of sharing a beneficial resource, I hereby present my Twitter follower’s Music To Calm Minds By (not available in the shops, etc.): Bach (in general, and also specifically oboe concertos and the […]

links for 2008-04-22

Bob Eggington on BBC online | Media | The Guardian “The heads of all the television and radio production departments should become responsible for the quality of the online content offered in their name: this is the best way to ensure that they care enough to act when content is inaccurate, badly written, (tags: bobeggington […]