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Month: March, 2008

links for 2008-03-16

12 Future Apps For Your iPhone – ReadWriteWeb Six to Start hard at work on concepts for an iPhone ARG (tags: sixtostart iphone sdk arg gaming mobile location gamedesign)

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C4education’s Weblog Channel 4 Education have a blog now (tags: c4education blog alicetaylor mattlocke channel4 education) Return to Quest Quiz: Tim Schafer – Joystiq Hilarious text-adventure by email (tags: humour timschafer textadventure puzzle email joystiq) ChangeOrder: Secrets of UX Design Productivity from Google (tags: google ux advice iteration design development prototyping)

links for 2008-03-13

View topic – [PENGRIN][NEW] What has a grin and six tales? Unfiction thread about wetellstories (tags: wetellstories penguin sixtostart unfiction forum thread) Launchball: we did it differently, and got it right.. « electronic museum How the Science Museum made Launchball, which is fan-bloody-tastic (tags: launchball gamedesign teaching education museum science sciencemuseum uk london preloaded) Avant […]

Competition Rules (or, competitions rule, legislation doesn’t)

Unfortunately, the fabulous library prize of 1,300 books that we’re giving away through We Tell Stories with Penguin is only open to UK residents. We’d dearly love to run an international competition, but in this case haven’t been able to. It’s something that we’ve had experience with before, but even if you lock the territories […]

links for 2008-03-12

Stories, Games and Your Brand’s Chat Logs from March 9th, 2008 – meebo rooms Backchannel from our panel the other day (tags: arg backchannel meebo sxsw 2008 march rooreynolds danhon rachelclarke danheaf jeremyettinghausen) We Tell Stories Six Authors. Six Stories. Six Weeks. Digital fiction from Penguin and Six to Start (tags: sixtostart penguin wetellstories storytelling […]

SXSW 2008: Creative Collaboration: Building Web Apps Together

Creative Collaboration: Building Web Apps Together Room A Tuesday, March 11th 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm The all-knowledgable webmaster is long gone, replaced by groups of specialists. When they work well together awesome things happen. When they don’t the results are ugly, insecure, inaccessible and slow, assuming they launch at all. What’s the magic that […]

SXSW 2008: Jane McGonigal Keynote

Tuesday Keynote: Jane McGonigal Room A Tuesday, March 11th 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm  Jane McGonigal   Creative Dir,   Avant Game  Jane McGonigal Start with a video trailer of The Lost Ring ARG. “Please, I need your help – I can’t do this alone” [the standard call to action of an ARG these days] So I […]

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FFFFOUND! Well that explains a lot (tags: cat kitty photo bw ffffound)

SXSW: The Web That Wasn’t

The Web That Wasn’t Room 19AB Monday, March 10th 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Alex Wright Information Architect, The New York Times AW: Gonna talk about a lot of early precursors to the web, different versions of hypertext, early thining that went on around how networked information systems. It’s itneresting – not just histrorically, but […]

links for 2008-03-10

Eidos: Doctor Who Coming To PS2, DS No offence to my friends at BBC Worldwide, but this better not suck. (tags: bbc bbcww bbcworldwide licensing vieogames gaming eidos doctorwho via:kotaku) GameSetWatch – Indie Interview: Samorost Developer Jakub Dvorsky (tags: samorost flash indie gamesetwatch cmp interview) 37signals is running some experiments with the goal of <a… […]