Competition Rules (or, competitions rule, legislation doesn’t)

by danhon

Unfortunately, the fabulous library prize of 1,300 books that we’re giving away through We Tell Stories with Penguin is only open to UK residents. We’d dearly love to run an international competition, but in this case haven’t been able to.

It’s something that we’ve had experience with before, but even if you lock the territories down to just the UK and the USA, the sheer amount of different (and confusing) legislation – even in the ‘states there isn’t a unifying competition law across the whole country – it differs state by state means that you can spend a lot of money on lawyers before you even find out whether you can run a competition in the first place, never mind getting the actual terms and conditions together.

So: we do know that there are big fans of Penguin, Six to Start, stories and games all around the world – we haven’t forgotten you, and we hope you’ll still play along.