Extenuating Circumstances

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Competition Rules (or, competitions rule, legislation doesn’t)

Unfortunately, the fabulous library prize of 1,300 books that we’re giving away through We Tell Stories with Penguin is only open to UK residents. We’d dearly love to run an international competition, but in this case haven’t been able to. It’s something that we’ve had experience with before, but even if you lock the territories […]

links for 2008-03-12

Stories, Games and Your Brand’s Chat Logs from March 9th, 2008 – meebo rooms Backchannel from our panel the other day (tags: arg backchannel meebo sxsw 2008 march rooreynolds danhon rachelclarke danheaf jeremyettinghausen) We Tell Stories Six Authors. Six Stories. Six Weeks. Digital fiction from Penguin and Six to Start (tags: sixtostart penguin wetellstories storytelling […]