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Month: February, 2008

links for 2008-02-29

WoW Forums -> Macbook X3100 Crashes X3100 OS X driver bug explains kernel panics, general dyings, etc. Reproduced by Blizzard for WoW, and Apple GL knows about it… (tags: apple osx x3100 intel gma bug crash kernelpanic wow blizzard driver)

links for 2008-02-12

Hoax blog’s creators look to placement ads for new shows | Technology | The Guardian (tags: sponsorship video katemodern bebo lonelygirl15 via:mediaguardian)

links for 2008-02-11

Project Horseshoe, 2007, report, section 4 Story in Games: Project Horseshoe (tags: storytelling videogames gaming gamedesign report 2007 projecthorseshoe) BBC profiles on Facebook | jon bounds “fake” BBC profiles on Facebook (tags: bbc facebook socialnetworking socialsoftware jonbounds)

links for 2008-02-09

ARG start-up Six to Start wins £100k investment | Media | guardian.co.uk Yay! (tags: sixtostart funding investment nesta guardian jemimakiss) eboy XV » eBoy Shop (tags: posters design office decoration eboy) Dopplr Raumzeitgeist 2007 By dopplr framed artwork at ImageKind.com (tags: dopplr raumzeitgeist 2007 posters design office decoration) SPA-941 – voip-info.org Linksys SPA 941 VOIP […]

links for 2008-02-07

The West Wing presidential election, 2006 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: vinick santos via:jaybushman obama mccain)

links for 2008-02-06

Gamasutra – Opinion: Why Your Game Studio Should Practice ‘Shared Design’ (tags: projectmanagement management development gamedesign gaming via:gamasutra)

links for 2008-02-01

Content Focus: Torchwood game (tags: torchwood arg format producers development commissioner broadcast) BBC to launch safe ‘kids Facebook’ site (tags: bbc twofourdigital sns socialsoftware commissioning bebo clubpenguin runescape broadcast) ARGs aren’t just for pirates » Syllabus (tags: nyu itp syllabus arg class reading) play think learn » Nicola Whitton (tags: gamebased learning nicolawhitton arg mmu) […]