Eight Random Things About Me

by danhon

I’ve been tagged by Frankie Roberto to write eight random things about myself.

I’m finding this rather tricky, if only because I’ve been writing online for the last nine years
or so, and if there’s anything I’ve written about, it’s probably been ninety-five percent fluff and ‘random things’ and the odd five percent of actually useful material. So, apologies if you didn’t already know the following eight random things about me:

  • although I can understand spoken Cantonese pretty well, I can’t actually speak it
  • I may have only bought my first lens (a Canon EF-S 17-85 IS USM) for my Digital Rebel XT/350D, but I’m already lusting after a Canon EOS 40D
  • For a few years, I had a Scottish accent
  • I think a lot about how life would be different if we all had bananas for eyes (long story)
  • I love High School Musical
  • I wrote a couple chapters of this
  • 10 Things I Hate About You (and correspondingly, all other Julia Stiles movies) have a special place in my heart where my wife says I’m not allowed to watch them
  • I did A Level Chemistry, along with English Language and History. I was a timetabling nightmare with my unique (other words: silly, bizarre, weird) mix of subjects.

There’s a bonus one, too:

  • I signed up for Bebo and in a moment of measured observation gave it access to my address book so it could see if I had any other friends on Bebo. I don’t. At all. I don’t take this to mean that I have no friends in my address book, just that they don’t use Bebo. That’s what I keep telling myself.

Right, eight people to tag, in no expectation whatsoever that they’ll get round to it:

  • Thayer Driver, because this might be the thing that gets her to sort her blog out
  • Tom Armitage just because I haven’t yet associated myself with the infovore enough yet
  • Jey Biddulph of irritatingly youthful game designerville
  • Award-winning author Naomi Alderman because she never, ever blogs and that’s a damn shame
  • Floppy-haired community guy extraordinaire Guy Parsons
  • All-around nice tall person Roo Reynolds
  • He of not just the singular platform of the future, but balancing on multiple platforms, Tom Hume; and last but not least
  • Rachel Clarke of SXSW conspirator fame