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Why aren’t there more ARG/MMOG crossovers?

That’s what Raph asks, and interestingly (and annoyingly predictably), the conversation soon strays into the “ARGs must pretend that they’re not a game” mentality. Here’s what I said: There should be, and I think we’ll see more (soon, probably) marriages of ARGs and MMOs, but that’s to say that the ARG genre as it stands […]

links for 2007-12-03

Amazon.co.uk: Rainbows End: Books: Vernor Vinge Ways in which I’m reading Rainbows End, in order of time actually spent reading: 1) online, in the E61’s mobile browser, 2) in a Firefox window, 3) in hard copy. (tags: vernorvinge rainbowsend sf fiction book amazon uk online reading publishing hardsf) Fade to black | MetaFilter How to […]