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Month: December, 2007

links for 2007-12-30

Populous: Populous Coming to a Japanese DS Near You OK, so yay Populous. But, they cocked up Sim City for the DS, so I’ll reserve my judgement as to whether this’ll turn out to be any good or not. (tags: populous nintendo ds ea gaming via:kotaku) Nailing The Interview / Part 1: Recruiting & Hiring […]

links for 2007-12-29

Six to Start » Join us: Alternate Reality Game Producer I’m hiring. Interested? (tags: hiring recruitment sixtostart arg producer)

links for 2007-12-28

Universal Everything, About Us, Overview (tags: design agency graphicdesign designersrepublic via:mildlydiverting motiongraphics interactiondesign studio sheffield uk) external hard disk treemap – data visualization & visual design – information aesthetics Want (tags: infographic visualisation via:blackbeltjones hardware hdd treemap oled case) mildlydiverting’s bookmarks tagged with “motiongraphics” on del.icio.us It’s easier just to bookmark all of Kim’s motion […]

links for 2007-12-27

Extra Content – HSI London (tags: hsilondon hsi directors video film)

links for 2007-12-24

Waxy.org: Daily Log: Exclusive: Yahoo! Brickhouse launches BravoNation Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. *sets brain thinking* (tags: bravonation via:waxy.org yahoo brickhouse beta worldofy!craft hackday gamelike gaming gamedesign social webdev socialsoftware sxsw)

links for 2007-12-21

Behind the Freakout | Creativity Online Logistics – how they did the Whopper Freakout (tags: whopperfreakout burgerking commercial creative video logistics filming advertising via:antimega)

links for 2007-12-19

hannu’s bookmarks on del.icio.us I have the bizarre feeling I know who hannu is, but in actuality, I have no idea who hannu is. Hannu, who are you? (tags: hannu del.icio.us) BBC fears for funding in digital future | Media | The Guardian BBC scared of top-slicing of the licence fee to fund a possible […]

links for 2007-12-18

Google Profiles “They’re coming and it will be difficult to get away without having one” – no, not ID cards. Google Profiles. Or is there not a difference? (tags: id identity online google googleprofiles privacy web)

links for 2007-12-15

C21’s FutureMedia 2007 – VIEWS YOU CAN USE! Oops. Probably should’ve gone to this. There’s always next year. Silly thing is I walked past the networking bit at the end on our way up to a Coen Brothers q and a. (tags: conference newmedia interactive digital london c21 futuremedia 2007 bafta) geeKyoto Mark Simpkins’ green […]

BBC iPlayer – Don’t Cross the Streams

The web’s abuzz with the news that the BBC’s iPlayer has made its first tentative steps toward sanity and put together a Flash video based streaming service that’s DRM unencumbered. Roo’s put together a good review of the service, and assorted others have chimed in with their comments. I was going to do a Roo-style […]