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links for 2007-11-30

Movable Type Community Solution: Create a Powerful Online Community Six Apart’s social-network-in-a-box offering (tags: sixapart socialsoftware web2 networking blog movabletype) Power Use: Power Conscience Concept Keeps Tabs on Your Electricity Consumption Wait, it looks nicer and shows more flowers the more power you use? And not the other way around? (tags: powerconsumption monitoring green energy […]

Don’t do this: GMail and Mail in OS X 10.5

There’s some advice that says that you can/should map the “all mail” label in GMail’s imap implementation to the “trash” folder in Mail (or any other imap client, really), the intended effect being that when you delete something, it only gets archived, instead of moved into some frankly annoying deleteditems label that starts cluttering up […]