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Month: October, 2007

links for 2007-10-21

Doktor Sleepless #1 Review – Silver Bullet Comics (tags: datashadow arg comic warrenellis doktorsleepless madscientist ivanrodriguez andrewdalhouse) Oral Cavity Infectious Syndrome NSFW (tags: nsfw comics funny wtf oral via:warrenellis sex)

links for 2007-10-20

FFFFOUND! OMG, it’s as if designers were actually international top-sekrit assassins (tags: apple laptop case mac design) Economist to put archive dating back to 1843 online | Press&publishing | MediaGuardian.co.uk Wow. Subscribers only, though. Another reason to (re)subscribe to the Economist (tags: economist archive digital via:foe via:guardian media journalism paywall) news, services and contacts – […]

links for 2007-10-19

Pronea | Jonathan Hickman Jonathan Hickman’s weblog (tags: art comics graphicdesign design writers paxromana nightlynews) Amazon.co.uk: The Nightly News: Books: Jonathan Hickman (tags: thenightlynews nightlynews comic amazon collection graphicnovel jonathanhickman design)

links for 2007-10-18

News – British Intelligence to recruit gamers // None /// Eurogamer GCHQ realises that its skills in teabagging are severely behind other international powers (tags: gchq gaming advertising recruitment tmpworldwide spy fps pc console)

links for 2007-10-13

St Pancras | Arts | Guardian Unlimited Newly cast gothic door handle at St Pancras International (tags: architecture design retro gothic victorian stpancras station railway)

links for 2007-10-10

RoomWizard Room Scheduling System by PolyVision (tags: room meeting hardware calendaring physical device availability webserver scheduling) T-Mobile data service collapses | The Register That explains yesterday’s outage. If “explain” means “doesn’t explain at all”. (tags: t-mobile uk data outage mobile 3g gprs london)

links for 2007-10-07

(85) Operations Rules to Live By – jprall’s blog Rules for internet ops – ops/sysadmin, not application development. (tags: operations sysadmin ops internet design rules) rentzsch.com: Block-level Parallels-Fusion Migration (tags: blocklevel apple macosx migration migrate parallels fusion vmware diskimage sparse import vm)

The Soho Project

Oh look, what’s this?

links for 2007-10-06

Working in the UK – Highly Skilled Migrant Programme – Frequently Asked Questions Renewing HSMP visas (tags: faq immigration uk gov hsmp migrant visa renewal renew) Working in the UK – Forms and Guidance HSMP forms (tags: hsmp forms immigration guidance uk gov visa)

links for 2007-10-02

Ironic Sans: Idea: The Histogram as the Image (tags: steganography photoshop histogram nyc skyline newyork) Top Small Workplaces 2007 – WSJ.com (tags: business management smb sme work career via:wsj)