The London Gamer Geeks Quiz 2: Like Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time, Hopefully Better Than The Other Sequels

by danhon

Okay, this Wednesday, 24th October, is the SECOND LONDON GAMER GEEKS QUIZ. Last time, James and I ran questions like this:

  • Name four games with titles that begin with the words: “Sid Meier’s” (we’re not counting sequels)
  • In what game is a Dreamcast used a zombie-killing weapon?
  • What year was Duke Nukem Forever first announced?

This time we’re going to prevent Tom Armitage from winning by getting him to set questions, too.

So far, we’re working on getting a projector and screen along for some amusing rounds that don’t resort to us using bits of dead tree, and (fingers crossed) we’ll actually have some prizes, too.

Just so we’ve got an idea of numbers, if you’re coming along, sign up at our Upcoming page.

Oh, and there’s a mailing list, too.