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Month: October, 2007

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SXSW 2008 Preliminary Programming Co-running Stories, Games and Your Brand with Rachel Clarke (tags: sxsw panel selection programming rachelclarke danhon rooreynolds jeremyettinghausen sixtostart penguin ibm arg gaming marketing branding 2008) Green & Red | E1 Yummy tequila bar/mexican restaurant (tags: restaurant eatingout mexican tequila london shoreditch bethnalgreen) blog.pmarca.com: Open Social: a new universe of social […]

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A look at Leopard’s network enhancements Mail in Leopard supports IMAP IDLE. (tags: mail leopard apple macosx arstechnica network imap imapidle idle tcpbuffersizing vlan 10.5)

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Advertising: The Blurred (Marketing) Line Between Games and Reality And they say gamers don’t get out… (tags: gaming advertising marketing tour package holiday china mmorpg outdoor)

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WhatsNewInLeopard – ruby – Trac (tags: ruby leopard macosx apple capistrano framework developer rubyonrails mac macosforge) Quid Fo’ Sho’ (tags: jeybiddulph blog arg gamedesign gaming) E-61 / How to save email and sms to the mini-sd Card ? – Eseries Devices and Communicators – Nokia Support Discussions (tags: e61 setting email messaging sms save external […]

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Operations is a competitive advantage… (Secret Sauce for Startups!) (tags: sysadmin startup ops deployment development operations business capistrano puppet ilike) puppet – Trac (tags: administration deploy automation configuration linux puppet tools sysadmin ops operations deployment script idempotent) Canon EOS 40D Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review Next body. Probably. (tags: canon 40d review camera dslr […]

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Mac Rumors: Mac OS X Leopard 9A581’s Dock Visual Tweaks Side-mounted dock in 10.5 (tags: dock leopard 10.5 apple macosx side design ui hci icon perspective 3d 2d shaded) Gmail gets IMAP – Download Squad Wow. Totally didn’t expect that. Not being sarcastic, either. (tags: gmail imap downloadsquad server surprise email) nick.recoil.org – Connector in, […]

links for 2007-10-23

stevenf.com: Indies Roll the Dice on Final Leopard Trying to work out how much of a surprise this is. Not much, I suppose. (tags: apple developer adc seed macosx gm tiger leopard support stevenf panic) AppleInsider | Road to Mac OS X Leopard Server: Collaborative Info Sharing Services [Page 3] The wiki server and the […]

links for 2007-10-22

“How do I get a refund for an ITV phone call?” – currybetdotnet – 20 October, 2007 Martin Belam’s exposure of ITV’s atrocious treating of their fraudulent phone call refund process (tags: martinbelam itv usercentred phonecall refund fraud design failure)

The Play/Time Games Lab and the London Gamer Geeks Quiz

Right, lots to go through. This week, Adrian and I are at the Play/Time Games Lab which is now all booked up but looks to be a fantastic experience. We’ll be in Soho the whole time, so drop us a line if you’re around and we’ll see if we can meet up. Wednesday evening, James […]

The London Gamer Geeks Quiz 2: Like Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time, Hopefully Better Than The Other Sequels

Okay, this Wednesday, 24th October, is the SECOND LONDON GAMER GEEKS QUIZ. Last time, James and I ran questions like this: Name four games with titles that begin with the words: “Sid Meier’s” (we’re not counting sequels) In what game is a Dreamcast used a zombie-killing weapon? What year was Duke Nukem Forever first announced? […]