Play/Time – ARG Games lab

by danhon

Brother of mine and I are working with Unexpected Media and Play/Time to put together an ARG Games Lab. Here’s what Frank’s got to say about the lab:

Over four days between October 22nd and 26th, twenty creative
professionals artists, writers, developers and producers from
backgrounds in theatre, video-games, animation, web design, tv and
radio – will collaborate and compete to develop original ideas for new
games across a range of platforms.

The Play/Time Lab will comprise a blend of masterclass, presentations,
workshop, screenings and of course, play. Participants will have a
unique opportunity to explore and experiment with game forms and
digitally mediated play; working as individuals and in teams they will
also brainstorm, develop and prototype ideas for new ones.

Play/Time will focus on new forms of interactive narrative, location
based games, social and casual games, games that involve live events
and performance, augmented or alternate reality games, games with
emotional depth, games that appeal to non-gamers.

Specifc themes for the Lab are the relationship between gameplay and
narrative, formats which permit user contributions of narrative and
character, the design of games with mobile and location based elements
which exist alongside a broadcast component.

The Lab will feature presentations from from commissioners and
developers from broadcasters, developers and publishers including the
BBC, Channel 4, Electronic Arts, and 02, as well as games designers,
writers and artists like Blast Theory, The Mustard Corporation and

Participants in Play/Time will also take part in and contribute to a
specially commissioned augmented reality game, The Soho Project, being
developed by for the London Games Festival by the Fictional Media

There are still places available; if you would like to be considered
for one, please complete the online application from at by
9:00am on October 8th.