Is it because I have breasts?

by danhon

Watching (and I use the term loosely, more of a “it was on in the background”) BBC Breakfast this morning, there was rather predictably some coverage of the first female Beefeater, and an interview with Moira Cameron.

Questions included:

  • have you ever been tempted to try on the crown jewels?
  • have you ever been tempted to take the jewels out?
  • are you superstitious of the ravens?
  • did you have to learn about the history of the Tower?

The last two questions are predictably banal and stupid. The first two are irritatingly stupid and offensive – of course she’d be thinking of taking out the crown jewels and everything else to try them on. Maybe she’s bought some makeup with her that she’ll try on, too. And after that she’ll head off to one of London’s other museums, break into another exhibit and try on some hideously expensive gowns.

Jesus Christ. Just because she’s the first female Beefeater it’s okay to ask her questions like that? Because she’s female she mustn’t be able to contain urges to play with shiny jewellery?

Isn’t this rather like asking a male guard looking after shipments of the latest Nokia phone “weren’t you tempted to just stop on a lay-by and spend a few hours playing with the N95?”