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Month: September, 2007

Play/Time – ARG Games lab

Brother of mine and I are working with Unexpected Media and Play/Time to put together an ARG Games Lab. Here’s what Frank’s got to say about the lab: Over four days between October 22nd and 26th, twenty creative professionals artists, writers, developers and producers from backgrounds in theatre, video-games, animation, web design, tv and radio […]

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Hixie’s Natural Log: A low-bandwidth, high-latency, high-cost, and unreliable data channel Oh. My. God. Genuis. (tags: hacking restaurant tip receipt cost dinner rating backchannel lowbandwidth highlatency data)

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Getting to Now: How to Beat the Procrastination Habit ∞ Get Rich Slowly Concentrate, focus, if you think of it, do it now, use a timer, eliminate distractions (tags: advice gtd blog finance procrastination) Brand New: Photoshop 2.0: The Wrong Kind of 2.0 Photoshop gets another new logo. I preferred the old one – I’d […]

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EXTERMIKNIT! Dalek knitting pattern (tags: knitting pattern drwho dalek)

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Stephen Fry » Blog Archive » Device and Desires Oh my god I’m in love (tags: stephenfry apple blog design hardware interface mobile 3g dynabook iphone nokia sonyericsson ui hci stephenfuckingfry smartphones rant swoon) tmcm: time traveler day Dec 8th Heh. Excellent. (tags: livejournal timetravellerday december 8th sf)

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First!: First Ever Hands On Impressions of Rez HD – Kotaku Oh, *swoon* (tags: rez hd kotaku xbox360 gaming port dreamcast sega) Slashdot | Yahoo Acquires Zimbra for $350 Million Huh. What’d they do that for? (tags: yahoo acquisition business zimbra email calendaring groupware via:slashdot) Simon Wistow – Flume – initial impressions Simon’s complaining about […]

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Got Flume? No, I don’t have any Flume invites (tags: flume socialsoftware)

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Apple Store (United Kingdom) – Business Apple UK retail business consultants (tags: apple retail business shopping consultant uk regentstreet london)

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Joseph Kosinski Director of Halo 3 ad, Gears of War “Mad Mad World” ad, Logan’s Run and Tron (tags: director advertising animation cgi motiongraphics creative design) Cable – News – BBC Radio gets interactive on Virgin Media – Digital Spy “Red button interactivity is now available on BBC Radio channels carried on Virgin Media.” – […]

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The Century of the Self – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: adamcurtis edwardbernays psychology democracy documentary sociology politics bbc bbc4 marketing media) BBC – Food – Nigella Express Recipes from Nigella’s new show (tags: food cooking recipes express fast easy)