Stupid things I’ve done

by danhon

This one doesn’t score quite so highly on the “stupid things I’ve done list,” but it’s nonetheless irritating enough. I had assumed (reasonably, I maintain) that when upgrading WordPress and electing to replace (and not merge) my current version of WordPress with the upgraded version, that everything that I put in wp-content would remain untouched, but anything else (the default install) would get replaced.

Oh no.

The wp-content that I had, the one with my modded depo-clean theme and the one with all the plugins I’d installed, was replaced with one that contained two default WordPress themes. Ah, I see what happened there. The directory wp-content was replaced with the directory wp-content, not the contents of those directories.


I’ll get around to putting everything back, well, whenever I get round to it. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to work at putting together another template again, and I’m also railing at the my silliness of not having bothered to take a backup.

Update: fixed, thanks to Yoz, who pointed me to Dreamhost’s automated domain snapshots.