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Month: August, 2007

links for 2007-08-31

Designer-Notes: 8 Things Not To Do… (Part I) “What are the greatest mistakes that I hate to see done over and over again in game design? In no particular order, here are my first four:” (tags: gamedesign gamedev gaming design sorenjohnson) Designer-Notes: 8 Things Not To Do… (Part II) (tags: gamedesign gamedev gaming design sorenjohnson) […]

links for 2007-08-30

News – Valve doesn’t know how much Orange Box cost to develop // None /// Eurogamer The Orange Box didn’t exactly have a budget: “”We’ve never really even had a conversation internally where we say ‘we’ve put enough money into this – let’s just cut it off’. That’s not even a conversation that happens at […]

links for 2007-08-29

Warner to take back licences in new games blitz > www.mcvuk.com Warner are going to start publishing games for their own IP. So the big question is: are licensed Warner games going to be any better because of this, and why only EU/UK? (via crystaltips) (tags: warnerinteractive publishing gaming games gamedev ip licensing via:wonderland eu […]

SXSW 2008 – Stories, Games and Your Brand

I’ve been invited to take part in a panel for next year’s SXSW, Stories, Games and Your Brand by my good friend Rachel Clarke, of Behind the Buzz. Here’s the blurb for the panel: A look at how interactive gaming, storytelling and puzzles can engage users with your brand. Movie and TV producers are increasingly […]

London Gamer Geeks Night 5: The August Edition

Tomorrow night is the fifth London Gamer Geeks night! Last time, we had a quiz where we had questions like this: Name four games with titles that begin with the words: “Sid Meier’s” (we’re not counting sequels) In what game is a Dreamcast used a zombie-killing weapon? What year was Duke Nukem Forever first announced? The quiz […]

links for 2007-08-28

Brand New: Baq to the Compaq Compaq’s rebranding (tags: brand design logotype logo compaq via:brandnew branding) Technophilia: Where the Web Archives Are – Lifehacker (tags: reference archives online resource) the futon critic – INSTANT GRATIFICATION FOR TEEN SOAP FANS Hollyoaks hits the US through BBC America and BBCAmerica.com streaming (tags: hollyoaks uk tvshow television usa […]

links for 2007-08-24

collision detection: Preschoolers can engage in “metacognition” (tags: metacognition mind theoryofmind cognitive science behavioural infant preschooler research) How I made my presentations a little better | 43 Folders I actually really enjoy presenting, despite the scary nerves beforehand. (tags: presenting presentations hacks tips via:43folders) Dev Diary: Tabula Rasa’s Ethical Parables – Kotaku (tags: storytelling gaming […]

links for 2007-08-23

Low-noise block converter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ah – the LNB on a dish converts a high frequency signal into a lower frequency signal so your satellite box doesn’t cost trillions of pounds. Which s why you need more than one. (tags: lnb wikipedia satellite dish sky skyplus) Scarlet Letters Title Graphics Studio Does […]

links for 2007-08-20

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Cookie Monster Searches Deep Within Himself and Asks: Is Me Really Monster? “Me love cookies. Me tend to get out of control when me see cookies. Me know it not natural to react so strongly to cookies, but me have weakness. Me know me do wrong. Me know it isn’t normal.” (tags: […]

links for 2007-08-18

F connector – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: fconnector satellite flat socket cable connector uhf vhf)