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Month: July, 2007

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Mac Rumors: Apple Acquires CUPS Huh. (tags: Apple osx cups printing unix acquisition)

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ScreenBurn Festival » Blog Archive » ARG Hitting More Mainstream Audiences Me again (tags: psfk sxsw screenburn arg audience)

You’re boring us to death. Please stop.

Via Kotaku comes news of EA’s NFL Tour: Gamers will be able to embark on a fictional NFL road show. With real NFL players as teammates, players will travel across the country to play against each of the NFL teams in newly designed stadiums. As players defeat each of the NFL squads, they come one […]

New TV on BBC Three

The Stage’s blog has covered six new drama commissions for BBC Three – some of which, on paper, look like they might have potential. Things I Haven’t Told You Written by: Lisa Mcgee (Totally Frank) Produced by: Tiger Aspect (Recovery, Murphy’s Law, Robin Hood) A dark thriller by set in a sixth form of a […]

I’m feeling puntastic

Last night, over dinner: P, to R: How do you get unseeded watermelons? Me: They get entered through wildcards. Me, to R: The police investigating the Madeline McCann abduction released a man without charge. R: … Me: He was neutral! R: I’m going upstairs. I’ll meet you up there? Me: Wait. We should synchronise our […]

Me on ARGs at the PSFK Conference London

Just a quick note to say that the fine folks at PSFK have put up their notes and video of a talk I did about a month ago at the PSFK London conference. It’s only half an hour long, so even if you skip the boring bits it shouldn’t take too long to slog through […]

Phone Conundrum

Ian Betteridge is having a phone conundrum – he can’t decide whether he wants to carry around a Blackberry Pearl or a Nokia N73 as his day-to-day phone. I’m quite convinced now that I’m sort of some strange edge case in terms of my phone needs/wants/desires, but having seen Ian’s post, I’m a little more […]

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Apple – Trailers – 01-18-08 – Large Trailer for Ethan Haas was right, or whatever Abrams’ new film is called. Looks fun! (tags: apple trailer jjabrams arg movie ethanhaas) Cloverfield Gossip Blog following the Cloverfield ARG (tags: cloverfield arg blog movie jjabrams marketing) Review – SimCity // DS /// Eurogamer “SIGH”. SimCity for the DS […]


Catching up on some PVR’d TV, this time, Drrt, which just started its run here on Five US (which scores points for showing the until now inaccessible Whose Line is it Anyway (US) which mrsdanhon assures me (like many things), is much better than the British version). Anyway, Drrt. Notable becafuse in around the seventh […]

And another thing on the E61…

Look, I’m sorry, but I just can’t let this E61 business lie. Hopefully Jerakeen’s having better luck with his E61i (I sincerely wish him the best), but really: The “mail” button. I’ve deleted my email account (the one using the built-in mail client) on the phone because I don’t have a work email account at […]