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OS X and the iPhone

This is quite possibly 2lmc bait, but I’m trying to work out exactly what it is that Apple’s done to get OS X running on the iPhone, other than the usual re-compile/Marklar-esque port to ARM. My understanding is that for at least the phone-y/radio-y bits of a mobile you’d need some sort of RTOS and […]


Some minor, some major. Foyles’s stool/window area needs plug sockets. And slightly more obvious wifi. Vox lets you embed widgets, but you need to paste the code in yourself. No directory of widgets to select from! Facebook’s not ever telling me what a message is, only that I’ve got one, is seriously starting to piss […]

links for 2007-07-26

23.07.07. Interactive. UK floods | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited Guardian flashy infographic on this July’s floods (tags: flood guardian weather infographic flash via:guardian.co.uk) M a g f o r u m . c o m – Teen magazines UK Teen Mags (tags: teenagers girls boys uk magazines)