New TV on BBC Three

by danhon

The Stage’s blog has covered six new drama commissions for BBC Three – some of which, on paper, look like they might have potential.

Things I Haven’t Told You
Written by: Lisa Mcgee (Totally Frank)
Produced by: Tiger Aspect (Recovery, Murphy’s Law, Robin Hood)
A dark thriller by set in a sixth form of a school where every student has a dark secret and a twisted life. The story follows events after a girl’s disappearance as an inquisitive light is shone onto her friends’ movements.

Things I Haven’t Told You sounds pretty fantastic, and even sounds like something a prospective ARG-type producer might interested in. I’d be really interested to see how this one pans out.

Phoo Action
Written by: Matthew Enriquez Wakeham, Peter Martin and Jessica Hynes (Spaced), based on the comic strip Get The Freebies by Jamie Hewlett
Produced by: Matthew Read for BBC Scotland
A live action kung-fu drama set in 2012. London is in the grip of mutant criminals. Only Terry Phoo, a Buddhist kung fu cop, and Whitey Action, an enigmatic young anarchist, can save the nation.

Live-action kung-fu! 2012! Mutant criminals! And it comes from Spaced people! What’s not to like?

Being Human
Written by: Toby Whithouse (No Angels, Doctor Who: School Reunion, Torchwood: Greeks Bearing Gifts)
Produced by: Touchpaper TV (The Queen’s Sister, Rocket Man, NY-LON)
Three young flatmates face the traumas and tribulations of co-habiting. The extra challenge for them is that one of them is a vampire, one is a ghost, and the other, a werewolf.

This could be really, really, really bad. But almost so bad that it’s good.