Extenuating Circumstances

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You’re boring us to death. Please stop.

Via Kotaku comes news of EA’s NFL Tour: Gamers will be able to embark on a fictional NFL road show. With real NFL players as teammates, players will travel across the country to play against each of the NFL teams in newly designed stadiums. As players defeat each of the NFL squads, they come one […]

New TV on BBC Three

The Stage’s blog has covered six new drama commissions for BBC Three – some of which, on paper, look like they might have potential. Things I Haven’t Told You Written by: Lisa Mcgee (Totally Frank) Produced by: Tiger Aspect (Recovery, Murphy’s Law, Robin Hood) A dark thriller by set in a sixth form of a […]

I’m feeling puntastic

Last night, over dinner: P, to R: How do you get unseeded watermelons? Me: They get entered through wildcards. Me, to R: The police investigating the Madeline McCann abduction released a man without charge. R: … Me: He was neutral! R: I’m going upstairs. I’ll meet you up there? Me: Wait. We should synchronise our […]