by danhon

Catching up on some PVR’d TV, this time, Drrt, which just started its run here on Five US (which scores points for showing the until now inaccessible Whose Line is it Anyway (US) which mrsdanhon assures me (like many things), is much better than the British version).

Anyway, Drrt. Notable becafuse in around the seventh minute of the first episode, we see a couple characters SMSing each other during what appears to be the day’s first run down. The screen splits in four – each character on one horizontal half of the screen, and each character’s side then split in half vertically so you can see what they’re texting. Again, we go for accuracy here, because the characters are shown to be texting from W.McPherson@dirt.mag and M.Duffy@dirt.mag which is just silly because a) Courtney Cox’s mag can’t have enough sway for a brand new TLD, and b) isn’t the rag called Drrt?

Cox has got a souped-up Treo because her Chat/SMS application (and it is the default Chat application) is showing her McPherson’s and Duffy’s SMS conversation, which is bad news for Duffy, but good news for Palm, because, Cox then puts up on the boardroom’s screen:

“Never send anything over your Treo you wouldn’t want the whole world to see,”

which is pretty good advice, no matter which fictional editor of a gossip rag is telling you.