And another thing on the E61…

by danhon

Look, I’m sorry, but I just can’t let this E61 business lie. Hopefully Jerakeen’s having better luck with his E61i (I sincerely wish him the best), but really:

  • The “mail” button. I’ve deleted my email account (the one using the built-in mail client) on the phone because I don’t have a work email account at the moment and I’ve not yet got around to setting up GMail via pop. That said, Google have a perfectly suitable GMail client for the E61 in the form of a not-too-slow Java app, the only problem being that it doesn’t allow for offline reading of mail. In the meantime, though, I’m left with a “mail” button that I can’t assign to the GMail app, because the Mail button can only link through to a built-in mail client app. Sigh.
  • I started writing this post using the built-in web browser (the one that actually works and is Webkit based, not the old default WAP/WHTML browser). The browser’s good enough that sites like Pownce work fine, and I can apparently start posts in WordPress. The thing that doesn’t work, though, is braindead handling of forms when the viewport is smaller than the length of the form field. The focus of the viewport stays at the top of the form field (I’m assuming because the viewport defaults to the top of the block level element), but this is useless when the form field is longer than the viewport, and the caret inside the form field is past the length of the viewport, too. End result? You can’t see what you’re typing.
  • The thing about taking 5 seconds to open up a contact. I’m serious. I’d like to call people. Sometimes I’d like to call people from my address book. Calling people is what you normally do with a phone. Please fix it. It’s not like I have an unusually large number of contacts in my address book – I don’t.
  • Similarly with text messages. They should open like that.

It’s enough to almost make me want to have an iPhone.