My life in bullet points

by danhon

Bullet points, because it’s easier than writing prose. Best leave that to the experts, hell, this could just be a blank entry with a bunch of tags associated to it.

  • Spending an inordinate amount of time playing Burnout Dominator, getting those tricky last few gold medals
  • Not sleeping until 5am, and not getting up until middayish – I fear that I’m about to join the Eastern Standard Tribe again
  • Trying to switch from NetNewsWire to Google Reader (with Gears for offline, natch) because, well, Newsgator’s online interface sucks
  • Being even more frustrated about my Nokia E61. Listen: going from displaying a 3/4 full battery to a 1/8 full battery in the space of thirty seconds is not big, funny, clever, or conduct becoming of a supposedly business-grade mobile phone. Oh, and taking over 3 seconds to open up a contact in my address book? NOT FUNNY. I’m that angry with you, Nokia, that I’m going to call the E61 a mobile phone, and not a mobile computing device or whatever it is you call them nowadays. It’s a shit phone, that’s what it is.
  • Slogging my way (enjoyably) through Black Swans, The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, Spook Country and this month’s Edge and Wired.
  • Watching the tennis. I mean, the weather reports. I mean, the repeats.
  • Drinking far too much coffee (this may have something to do with point two above)
  • Being amazed by pens which go slosh
  • Reading far too much about the iPhone and hoping that T-Mobile get it so I don’t have to break my contract when it comes out in the UK. I’m such an Apple whore.